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License Upgrade

I became a licensed amateur radio operator in March of 2015 to legally operate the 5.4 GHz video transmitter I purchased for my FPV drone. In order to get ready for the exam, I read the ARRL technician manual and took practice tests every few days. Once I was consistently scoring well I signed up to take the license exam at my local radio club and passed the test without issue.

Back in 2015 I wasn’t interested in the more traditional aspects of HAM radio, but that changed this November and I decided to study and upgrade from my FCC Technician Class License to the General Class License. By upgrading I could operate on some high frequency (HF) ranges. This time around I used to study for the exam. by Signal Stuff is a great free resource. I highly recommend it to anyone preparing to take any of the  FCC amateur radio license exams. After studying with it for a couple weeks I easily passed my General Class exam and my new license was granted on 12/12/2017.