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7 Information Security Podcasts You Should Listen To

The world of information security moves quickly and it is challenging to stay up-to-date. Much of the personal time I used to spend reading security mailing lists, websites, blogs, and social media has now been replaced by time with my family or other activities. These days I depend more and more on listening to podcasts to stay current with technology changes and industry news. Below are seven podcasts I really look forward to when a new episode pops up in my RSS reader:

.NET Rocks – I just came across .NET Rocks and I’m enjoying it so far. The podcast is more broadly focused on .NET development and programming overall but they also discuss application security often. Understanding developers and integrating security into agile software development life cycles is especially relevant for me in my new job. Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are putting out some good professionally produced content.

Brakeing Down Security Podcast – Another new addition to my Feedly account. Bryan Brake and Brian Boettcher cover security and compliance topics each week. I’m not sure how I missed out on this podcast for so long but I’m glad I finally caught wind of it.

Down the Security Rabbithole – If defensive enterprise security is your wheelhouse you definitely need go down the rabbit hole with Rafal Los. I typically come away with an interesting new perspective to consider for the topic they are covering.

Risky Business – This is a weekly show hosted by Patrick Gray and it is my go-to security news podcast. The format is concise with great segments and interviews. Getting a perspective from outside the United States is also something I value.

Security Weekly – Paul Asadoorian and crew bring IT security news, vulnerabilities, hacking, and research information to me weekly. Another great bonus is the opportunity to participate in IRC during their live video broadcasts. Whatever your preferred format, Security Weekly has you covered. If you want more than audio and can’t make the live broadcasts you can catch up on their YouTube channel.

The Silver Bullet Security Podcast – Gary McGraw of Cigital presents in-depth interviews from prominent people in the information security community. I enjoy Gary’s interviews and am hopeful he will put out episodes more frequently.

TrustedSec Security Podcast -Hosted by Rick Hayes, Martin Bos, and Justin Elze this is a fun, laid back, and less formal podcast covering recent security news and guest interviews.

I greatly appreciate all the time and hard work that go into creating good podcasts. Thank you to everyone that is involved with making this content available.

What are your favorite podcasts? Please let me know in the comments below.  I’m always interested in good quality podcasts and it doesn’t need to be specific to security.

Featured Image Attribution (CC by 2.0): Matthew Keefe